Resort Report 2013 – it’s all about optimism.

Resort has a history of being small capsule collections shown in basic show and tell for buyers and editors only, this has changed to become a lot more elaborate over the last couple of years and now have become a must see on the international fashion schedule – the business of fashion blogging and bankable internet sales must have something to do with this? These collections give good idea to what will happen next in the designers fully fledged collections for Spring/Summer, an offering of what’s to come you might say. In any case S/S 13 looks generous and hallelujah happy with a bounty of optimistic print to put on your body. Throw your hands up in the air and say YEAH! It’s OK to be optimistic.

Here’s a few of my favourite picks from first glance.

Clowning, costume & collage at Marc Jacobs. My favourite ever Marc Jacobs collection –  absolutely love the layering, overtly optimistic colour and cross hatch mix and match. Pure beauty in new proportions, bold and gaudy in its greatness. Twinsies too.

Architectural alliance & graphic gypsy at Givenchy. A photo of Hubert de Givenchy’s muse Bettina (after whom I was named!) got Ricardo Tisci thinking “gypsy” for this collection, but bohemian it is not. Sharp tailoring and strong graphic collage – think pixel perfect patchwork, alongside traditional scarf prints make gypsy right now and relevant for Givenchy’s devotees. Count me in.

Digital kaleidoscope & tough tropicalia at Peter Pilotto. Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos continue their high vibrational hit of digital print on perfectly structured garments for those that are game. Fashion is a sport. This is our tropical future, and I want to holiday there forever. Wish you were here. x

All images from with thanks.

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