Salvaged fashion is jubilant.

In true Jubilee spirit, today’s post presents designer Mei Hui Liu whose salvaged Union Jack flag designs, amongst many and commitment to localism, eco-fashion and sustainability represent what true East End creativity is all about to me. This is England. I first met Mei Hui Lui when I was managing Beyond Retro’s Cheshire street store, back in the day when the store was a well-kept secret to a melting pot mix of international stylists, designers, trannies, rent boys and fashionistas. Mei Hui would always make an elaborate entrance dressed in a unique and breathtaking mix of her own salvaged brand Victim, signature Westwood and Natacha Marro heels that defied wherever she had just walked in from. 

It wasn’t until Mei Hui showed me some images from the then recent Victim’s S/S 06 catwalk show that I became more aware of her unique vision and I investigated more – plus the fact that I adored her true maximalist style. From here I discovered her long association with the early East London style that gained the area its initial notoriety for creative cool. Starting out in 2000 with a second-hand sewing machine, salvaged fabrics, vintage garments and a unique eye for style, Mei Hui’s romantic, punk aesthetic and DIY ethos soon gained a cult following.  Today, Mei Hui continues to create fabulous one-off and limited edition pieces for clients internationally and retails via regular popupshops in London. Her enviable new role as the Fashion Curator for Taiwanese Department store Bodhi, enables continued collaboration with local creatives and exciting new developments into the Asian retail market. 

Mei Hui has answered some questions for FEED THE MINDS. With thanks. x

1. Real life hero?

Depeche Mode .

Anna Piaggi .

I blogged about the beauty of Anna Piaggi early last year here.

All my creative friends. Join Victim Fashion street on Facebook to find out more about Mei Hui’s collaborations with London’s creatives here.

2. Favourite colour or combination of colours?

Red and Grey. Pink and Grey. Brown and Black.

3. Guilty pleasure?

Cake and ice cream.

4. What are you listening to at the moment? 

5. Favourite places to do, be and see?

I love walking around Paris, to feel the romance and meet my friend Diane Pernet for tea in Nanashi.

Paris Fashion Week for the catwalk shows and the fabulous people watching.

Story deli for the best organic Pizza. Yes, yes, yes + smart styled interiors by owner & stylist Ann Shore.

Rochelle Canteen for the best Lunch. As above.

White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey.

6. How would you describe your style?

Unique, not colour matching, mixing all eras from Victorian times till the 80’s plus Victim Fashion street and Vivienne Westwood of course!


7. Favourite rituals within the home?

Cooking and going through my all photo memories. Playing with my girl Freya.

8. What is it exactly that you do?

I used to be a Party and events organizer for Secret Rendez-Vous in 1998 in East London then I become a Fashion designer/ fashion and textile artist for my own brand Victim Fashion street. Now, I am working as the Fashion Curator for the Taiwanese Department store Bodhi – discovering talent and continuing to build my brand.

BlackDot World Archive is very excited to be included in the curated group of London designers Mei Hui has chosen to represent London for the opening of Bodhi. Other designers include Noel Stewart, Reem, Natacha Marro, Blaak, Arlette Ess +…..Watch this space for updates.

This film tells the story behind Mei Hui’s recent exhibition entitled Interlace and gives great insight into her world.


9. The future looks?

More punk, more chic, more goth, more princess like ……

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