Welcome to the wonderful world of WALALA.

Lucky, lucky, lucky for me, I have been privy to the wonderful world of Walala for some time now. Ex studio mate (oh how I miss our tres gourmet and rooftop lunches together), excellent friend and extremely talented designer, Camille Walala has just been let loose on the interiors at XOYO and now the world can view her original vision for themselves and see inside her marvelous mind. Walala’s tribal-pop prints and enthusiastic interiors are bursting with enlivening colour couplings and positive pop propaganda – “LIVING THE DREAM”, “HIP HIP HOURRA” and “TIME TO BELIEVE”  will truly make your day more merry. These signature high-octane colour combinations and an emphasis on a bright and graphic style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces such as XOYO as seen above. I’m already looking forward to more….. watch this space. The desire to put a smile on people’s faces through her work must mean that Camille Walala is already living her dream? This is powerful digital print for a new generation of positive people. Get turned on and tune in to the world of Walala today.

Camille answered some questions for BDWA blog – FEED THE MINDS. with thanks. x
1. Real life hero?

David Shrigley, as he makes me laugh so much and he has the balls to let his imagination run wild and follow his own style.

2. Favourite colour or combination of colours?

At the moment  I love Black and white with bright yellow – and pastels pink/grey/and pastel blue. I will be working with these colours for my next project – The Walala Greasy Spoon. A tantalising collaboration between Camille and chef Kate de Syllas. Get in quick for tickets.

I made a cushion called Memphis, it represents exactly this colour combination.

3. Food from the gods? 

I love food so much! Moroccan food is my favourite, especially when it combines sweet and savoury all at once. My favourite Moroccan dish is Lamb tagine with prunes and almonds – it includes cinnamon, ginger, cumin and coriander. YUM. I can be quite obsessed with food and at the moment I love going to Wilton Cafe for breakfast. I’ve been eating the same choice for a while now, their toasted sourdough bread from E5 bakehouse with goat’s curd, fresh rocket, sliced mushrooms and streaky bacon is especially good!!  I concur.

4. Guilty pleasure?

Streaky bacon every day, surely that can’t be too good?

5. What are you listening to at the moment?

I will give my 5 songs of the moment. I play them all on repeat, and will spoil them by doing so.. but here we GO!!

1. Telepopmusik – Don’t look back (john Tejada remix)  It’s been on my Itunes forever but I forgot about it for a while so big joy to find it again.

2. The other people Place, let me be me…. one new very nice friend introduce it to me last week and it’s been in repeat since.

3. Green Velvet ft Russoul – Millie Vanillie …. a good find from a Boiler Room mix (thank you Adham)

4. PHEDRE – In decay – especially for the video (thank you Claire)

5 Prince & the Revolution – Erotic city ….sooooo good

6. Favourite places to do, be and see?

a.I love being on my bike in London. I’ve got a beautiful Peugeot that takes me everywhere I need to go and  gives me a nice feeling of freedom. (Always good to have!!)

b.I love going to the Lido in London Fields in summer when it is really packed and you just have a tiny space for your tea towels, this reminds me of my childhood in the south of France.

c.I’m obsessed with picnics and always admire people who are very organised, this means styling it up with coordinated plates, fabric and food. I once did a fabulous fruit salad served in glass, topped with whipped cream and 1001 sweets on top, very kitsch. I served it with fresh Moroccan mint tea. Delicious!

d.Normally I never like it when people say “OOOhhh this is amazing you are going to LOVE IT this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!” I always feel the pressure and then never really like it, but I must say when I saw the TAJ MAHAL… I went WWWAAAAooooouuuuuuHHHHHH!!!!!!

7. How would you describe your style?

Bright and bold. A big mix of so many influences from African tribes to Bauhaus, De Stijl, Pop and Memphis design.

8. Favourite  rituals within the home? 

Not too sure as I don’t have a home at the moment. I’m sleeping at the bottom of the bunk bed of my friend’s son – Cesar, he is 7. It’s especially nice of him to share his room with me for a while…. so my current daily ritual would be listening to Cesar telling me his dreams, most of them with Mickey mouse as the main character! I love it!

Come the evening I see my friends or I love going to bed really early, like Cesar.

9. What is it exactly that you do?

Pffuuuu not quite sure myself! I love putting colours and patterns everywhere I can. I m going to do a Pop-up greasy spoon in May, this is most definitely one of my dreams come true! Design and food are my two passions in life combined in one project. HHEEEEEEEEEE–HAAAAAAAAAAA!  My next dream will be to repaint some of the brutalist buildings in London, bringing some Walala colour and pattern onto some “so bad/so good” buildings.

10. The future looks…?


Indeed it does. For more of Walala’s wonder wares, check out her website here. These KISS MORE cushions as part of a new collection are especially encouraging and great for stacking up in bed.

XOYO images with thanks to Samuel Aberg.

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