tropical punch.

things are tropical here at BDWA headquarters, the heater is on high and dub tunes have me swaying. packages with goods sourced from our last trip to india are inspiring exotic and colourful combinations for play and display despite the weather outside. our new collection entitled “tropical punch” includes a haul of accessories in vivid brights, garments from fascinating foreign destinations including uzbekistan and africa amongst many, super storage ideas as seen above and of course a worldly mix of textiles to enrich your home.

everyday items from far-flung places can be used in new and interesting ways when taken out of their original context. these reusable shopping bags were cheap on the street and are one of my favourite finds from my last trip to india. the handmade nature and irregularity of each bag, including mis-prints and wonky stitching made them that much more desirable to me – imperfect perfect. store your winter coats in them during the summer months (throw in a lavender bag or two to keep the moths at bay) or hook them up in your home to bring a pop of colour in. get tropical.

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