asal is ace.

walking into the asal store in ahmedabad felt like walking into a similar style of shrine to all things organic anywhere in the world, in fact i felt like i was in hampstead rather than the back streets of a large bustling town in india’s west desert region. the sweetest store we discovered here and shripal, who runs the place is completely devoted to all things organic, ayurvedic and natural. i must make mention that all silk used in asal products are non-violent…..which in layman’s terms means the sweet little silk worms get to keep on living after giving up their highly prized thread. awwww. the reason behind our visit was of course the textiles – hand-spun and hand-woven shawls, non-violent silk sarees, incredible cottons + beautiful hand-blocked linen and cotton sheets. orders can also be taken for specific weaves and colours made to your organic wish list – think personalised napkins, bed sheets and cottons to drape decoratively for home and body. we also loaded up on pure essential oils, coconut oil – the best hair and body moisturizer that exists in my mind, wooden combs a la africa, ayurvedic bathing powder that will apparently heighten your aura!, copper utensils that help to aid digestion and great glass chandeliers. find also bulk organic and natural foods in this one stop shop that wants the best for our beautiful planet. shripal ships worldwide almost daily to his devotees that – “say NO to synthetic. drive OUT the artificial. tune IN with nature.” asal is ace.


  • Asal was thus launched as a movement, to restart a sustainable lifestyle, which improves the human health, environment and general health of planet, leading to eternal happiness.

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