en inde wraps up jewellery design in mumbai.

hello.  i am back from hiatus after much of getting horizontal + happy in sri lanka for a wonderful friend’s wedding – she of awesome handbag label after the apple. best wedding ever at amangalla – words do no justice! also, 3 weeks in india on a buying trip for BDWA. in preparation for the indian adventure i had discovered much information about the new design and art culture that is now flourishing in mumbai, no disappointments here. le mill was our first port of call and deserves a posting devoted entirely to its 15000 square feet of retail genius –  a rival( + perhaps a touch of the copycats) to another favourite shop of mine in paris, merci….. love a concept store me. new indian design sits beside le mill’s own brand and some of the world’s best in fashion, interiors and jewellery design….mawi, one of my favorite and colourful customers based in london sells her super jewels here – great to see her represented in india. en inde, a local brand took our attention with a contemporary take on the ancient rajasthani art of wrapping – evident in much of the antique pieces we came across throughout the desert regions we visited. the multi-strand pieces coming up trumps especially. each meticulously handcrafted piece represents both new and old india utilising indigenous craft and vintage elements alongside industrial components – this is modern primitive jewellery from the new india for the world.

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