guise + protagonist works a wonder.

craig redman can do no wrong, his consistent + cool graphics including the infamous darcel disappoints, an almost autobiographical character has the fashion world’s bigwigs taking notes and tuning in to his distinctive style. recent exhibitions in collaboration with slamjam at their stores in milan and ferrara during fashion week just gone showcased his perfect pop portraits celebrating the milan fashion scene and global pop culture icons respectively. the likeness of the prints to their peoples is quite spectacular and the game of guess who is really quite easy…..i am particularly fond of miuccia prada, anna piaggi and valentino if only for his upper lip, which has been captured beautifully by redman.

i remember craig from back in the day, late 1990’s in brisbane, australia when he was part of the rinzen collective who also created some mind-blowing graphics, with that same sense of ozzie humour still seen in his work today. this is a brisbane boy done good, v. good. for more of craig’s work and his daily collaborations with another former rinzen member, karl maier – visit craig & karl. the hand signed giclee prints realized on cotton paper, are now available on pre-order through slamjam for £250 a pop art, and shipped directly from redman’s studio in nyc. get in quick.

keith haring

terry richardson

sophia lorenfranca sozzani

anna dello russo


miuccia prada

kanye west

woody allen

lady gaga

anna piaggi

lebron james

all images from slamjam with thanks.

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