right timing rhino.

the second in maximo riera‘s animal-tastic chair series is the fierce ‘rhino chair’, more of a throne in my eyes but equally as beautifully designed and constructed as the ‘octopus chair’ that i blogged about earlier. precise timing too from the spanish designer as the rhino’s safety is in danger as poaching in south african reserves reaches an all-time high due to the false belief that rhino horn can cure cancer and other diseases – read the guardian story here. the rhino was selected as muse for the second in the series to reflect nature’s capacity and mightiness and given a superior scale to generate an authoritative force respecting qualities in the animal itself – this is head of the table seating for sure! find the ‘rhino chair’ in the flesh during london design week at 100% design london. animalia – it’s here.

images from designboom with thanks.

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