NHS is not what it seems.

yesterday i spent some time with friend, fabulous artist and all time dreamboat adham faramawy at the 123 boutique on bethnal green road  – it’s here that the legendary dr noki has set up shop on the 2nd floor. his art brand of noki customisation is a statement against mass-produced fashion branding and is more than brilliant in the flesh. after years of reading about and being inspired by his DIY style through the pages of I-D back in the day, i must admit this was the first time i had touched his kick-ass couture. his 15 years of doctoring garments otherwise meant for landfill means that the garments in mention are street, strict and apocalyptic in their customisation and also beautifully produced. he has collaborated with another demon of sustainability, judy blame and just recently and revolutionary with chloe, taking his relentless pursuit of highly sexed sustainability to style.com and more. the NOKI House of Sustainability or NHS  has at its helm the original doctor recycler and sustainable fashion feels safe, sexy and stripped of connotations with hemp in his hands. this is fashion that feels good – touch it , try it on for size and see.

film by mark knight and liz madeley for DR NOKI


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