flip flop and you dont stop.

up-cycling in design has become a major movement – the environment and the economy the biggest driving forces behind it. netherlands based designer diederik schneemann’s latest project ‘a flip flop story’ chronicles the journey of the humble flip flop. after being used and worn through, flip flops generally find their way to the garbage or sewage and out into the ocean and then make their journey to the beaches of east africa creating a huge eyesore and unnecessary pollution. through the flip flop story they are now collected, reclaimed and recycled into the colourful collection of design objects including lamps, toys and flower pots as seen below – while also creating work for the local communities. these up-cycled, über unique and useful pop objects translate the stories of the flip flops themselves whilst also being modern primitive relics that are really, really good looking. that’s a flip flop full circle.

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