crystals – they’re coming at ya.

i first came across professor of architecture richard weston’s wonder-wares on bbc2’s informative series – “britain’s next big thing”. hosted by former dragon + retail entrepreneur theo paphitis, the series gave insight into the process of bringing great product into the marketplace from start to finish. in richard weston’s case it was his incredibly beautiful and unique scans of crystals, fossils and minerals – as seen below in their final form, digitally printed onto silk for scarves + more. the liberty buyers lapped and snapped them up in all their glory and they are now available, some exclusively in the sacred scarf hall on the first floor at liberty. the beauty of these natural elements, collected with fury for years by weston, can now be worn any which way you want bringing more of our natural world  into our everyday. i’m also wondering if there is a possibility that the properties of the stones can be transferred through the scarf??  i very much look forward to more experimentation from weston – gate crashing the fashion party and becoming the toast on the town. rock on.

Brown Agate Scarf, Weston ScarvesFluorite Print Scarf, Weston ScarvesTaupe Agate Scarf, Weston ScarvesPeach Fossil Scarf, Weston ScarvesFossil Print Scarf, Weston ScarvesPurple Fluorite Scarf, Weston ScarvesBlue And Yellow Pieters Print, Weston ScarvesLime Flourite Print Scarf, Weston ScarvesPink Bloodstone Print Scarf, Weston ScarvesPink Rhodochrosite Print Scarf, Weston Scarves

visit the liberty blog for more of an insight into richard weston’s wonderful world.

all images of richard weston’s scarves from liberty with thanks.

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