chickens rule the roost + retail too.

i have been bragging about my love of the chicken here for sometime now – an animal obsession that came from the collecting of organic + free-range eggs at my evil stepsister’s (not evil at all really) where she hen-houses a bounty of hen and rooster beauties like the one seen below. this obsession for our feathered friends has led to a curious hoarding of a multitude of chicken statues, planters and pictures devoted to the giver of the golden egg – the best available in london are hoads farm by the way. my stumbling upon a giant chicken within the kokoo boutique by london/cyprus based supernova studio today gives a big thumbs up for chicken lovers and those inspired by fresh retail outfits world-wide. forget minimalism people, surrealism in design is where it’s at. go chickens!

KoKoo Boutique, NicosiaKoKoo Boutique, NicosiaKoKoo Boutique, NicosiaKoKoo Boutique, Nicosia

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