bricking it in.

the “forever sofa” is a term bandied around quite a lot by my aesthetically obsessed friends. the forever sofa is the sofa you lust about lying about on forever more – it’s the IT sofa if you like, the sofa you can be proud of, a sofa that you’re happy to call your own. the forever sofa’s pure aesthetic beauty and bounty of available areas in which to align yourself in to sleep, eat, read, type, love and linger longer alongside its ability to make you weak at the knees just by sighting it tells you this is the one – the forever sofa. my forever sofa, the “bricks and mortar” in brick red especially is the pop art of sofas and trompe l’oeil too, designed by richard woods and sebastian wrong for established + sons in 2009. let me tell you, no sofa has come close since i first fell to my knees in front of it at milan design week, 2009.

lucky, lucky, lucky for me and those of you with a penchant for a tidbit of red brick – richard woods has gone on to design a collection of sculptural furniture objects for milan design week just gone, in celebration of memphis – an initiative created by the late italian designer etorre sottsass and a group of architects and designers in 1981. memphis abolished the creative limits previously dictated by the industry and design assumed a new expressivity in the form of new shapes, materials and patterns – interesting stuff, of which you can read more about here. the collection of objects including tables, shelves and a series of walls (forever walls?) which i absolutely love, consist of “bricks” constructed from wood that are hand-carved and hand-painted red.  if you were immersed amongst the entire collection it might just feel like you were inside a cartoon? “red brick” is best + forever in my books.

all images by designboom with thanks.


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