la llareta gives monster style.

yesterday while lolling in the sunshine, my fellow park associates and i discussed the necessity for more real green in our daily lives. the get more green to do list included extended trips to the country – both u.k. and europe based, more lolling in parks, a trip or two to kew gardens and more planting of said green at home to help induce the calm and balance that is associated with time spent in and around nature. because as you well know, green is good for you too.

i recently discovered the yareta or la llareta plant via pinterest which in my mind look like mythological monsters roaming the landscape they live in. another good excuse to get to south america where they can grow to be over 3000 years old. roar and green galore.

Yareta gigante

One comment

  • this plant is brilliant! ive never seen anything like it…a massive hit of chlorophyll.

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