darkroom does it again.

darkroom have turned their attention to central and southern america for their new summer season entitled “aztec camera” to be launched next tuesday 5th april – i’ll definitely be there to witness the retail fitness rhonda and lulu imagine and then execute so well each season. expect great collaborative efforts with favourite designers and darkroom’s own range of bags and accessories that combine printed sailcloth and leather – i’m looking forward to seeing what they have done with sailcloth especially. find amongst the beautifully curated mix – much graphic stimulation in print and weave, lashings of mayan inspired gold, copper and bronze, pom-pom debauchery to adorn yourself with, abstract ceramics and stones of amber, jade and turquoise incorporated into jewels. sounds dreamy really.

Introducing our Summer season AZTEC CAMERA, where the Darkroom lens is turned towards Central and Southern Americas for inspiration.  All pieces by CCCHCClockwise from top:Clockwise from top:

all images from darkroom with thanks.

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