since 1846.

I have been getting busy with dutch wax prints in petticoat lane all week… The problem, if you can call it that, is that there is such an incredible array of styles to choose from, your eyes and brain become bombarded with the intense colour, wild combinations and erratic subject matter – some of my current favourites include chickens (of course!), chairs, calculators, and eyelashes to mention just a few. amongst the madness I have discovered the glory of vlisco – the most reputable of wax hollandais brands since 1846. In my opinion, vlisco are the top dog in the wax print world, producing four collections each year – the images below showcase the february 2011 collection  – “nouvelle histoire” and have me lusting for a chair print tuxedo. I absolutely love the styling in these images so intense, so dramatic, so Africa. x

all im ages from vlisco.

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