ellie curtis fabrics give good jouy.

in all the fashion weeks madness of late plus some random car-lust i have slipped a little on my postings of interiors greatness. my very happy discovery last week of artist ellie curtis and her hand-printed linens and cottons will bring this back up to interiors appropriate speed. ellie’s particular interest in the animal kingdom (something we share) and her portrayal of said animals as hybrids – “In my drawings I often consider the human qualities in animals, or I draw people but in an animal form… ” – was what i was drawn to initially – it’s like an mescal induced animal madness in some of the scenes! in pondering ellie’s animalia artwork some more and considering her choice of colours for print and base cloth – it came to mind that these prints in all their modernity were rather evocative of the early 18th century french toile du jouy i have grown so fond of but with a foxy folk-art twist. any which way you look at them  – they are super fun and formidable! now who needs curtains?

there is so much more to what ellie curtis does but for now i want to leave it – until (fingers crossed) ellie will answer some questions for BDWA blog. to be continued….


i’m rather excited about the future prospect of my huge polka dot find paired with ellie’s “bird jig” print on linen for the bedroom.

all images of ellie curtis print taken from her website.

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