i like to be under the sea…who doesn’t.

i have an affinity with the sea, difficult now from my vantage point in London town but much of my life has been spent frolicking in and under the big blue offering oceans of fun, calm and pure rejuvenation. the wonders of this natural world can now be had on dry land thanks to spanish artist maximo riera, who has designed the octopus chair – a limited edition piece and first in the collection entitled  “animal chairs”. the series looks to bring life to the basic function of the object and has done so with a team of over 30 professionals – enabling the animated sense of movement it has whilst giving new meaning to wriggling in you chair. now imagine being sat in the octopus chair feasting on the fruits de mer in front of you, its early evening and its hot and tropical, your skin has been kissed by the sun, there is a heady scent of frangipani in the air…..this chair can take you there.


  • This is the best chair that I have ever laid eyes on. Now I just need a white room to put it in and then I can spend all my time on it being an octopus… That shouldn’t be tooo difficult…

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