maske is marvelous modern primitive.

i have just very happily ordered phyllis galembo‘s book entitled “maske” here. phyllis’s photos here capture traditional masqueraders and carnival characters from nigeria, benin, ghan, sierra lione, haiti, zambia and burkina faso – check out some of the incredible costumes as worn below – what a treat. eat your hearts out fashionistas – this is some fancy dress – WOW. if you are in paris then you can buy and have your book signed by phyllis herself at the very pleasant colette on november 18th, 6-8pm. i was fortunate enough to stumble upon a show of some of the photos seen below in a gallery in amsterdam some while back (unfortunately my memory deceives me on said gallery name – sorry)- the life-size images were mesmerizing and show so well the raw energy and imagination of the wonderful characters they portray. maske makes my days.

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