high and dry at droog.

droog design makes me drool, holding a high position within my top 5 of design houses. droog meaning dry in dutch is just that – a down to earth mentality that started as a statement on design way back in 1993. despite their no-nonsense and conceptual approach –  humour and playfulness are a large part of what droog does so well in my eyes – i just can’t get past design that makes you smile. this alongside their drive for products driven by nature and slowness, engagement and authenticity and a high energy for collaborative efforts means droog comes up trumps on both trend and content.

i was lucky enough to catch the “FLOWER SALON” show at droog’s amsterdam store just last week. the show focused on holland’s top export – flowers and was a heady mix of fashion inspired by flowers, individual flower displays by vlinder en vogel, flowers in film, floral and plant art and to top it off – a showcase of the spectacular magazine club donny, which i have mentioned many times before. it was at a droog installation that i first became acquainted with the wonders of this green machine.

the string garden installation by fedor was though the absolute highlight of the show for me, elevating everyday plants to eye-level using a japanese botanical technique called kokedama thus creating a delightfully delicate and surreal indoor garden idea. the hanging gardens set amongst the dilapidated and industrial space was supernatural to say the least. droog does it again.


flower displays by vlinder en vogel were categorically correct and charming.

exploded view by micheal kampe was my top pick from the fashion on offer.

the marvel of club donny.

i want more – the supernatural string garden installation by fedor.

the sparse industrial space was a great way to showcase the flourish and beauty of nature.

read droog’s latest magazine offering here at the wonderful issuu.com where it seems simple to self publish online.

i was pleasantly surprised to see bike-riders aplenty carrying umbrellas as they made their way around amsterdam in the rain – it was very elegant actually. i hired a bike for the two days i was there for just £25 from mac bike– which enabled keeping up with the locals and seeing the city from their perspective too. woohoo.


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