the world is a garden – dig it!

wherever i look in london these days people  are getting excited about gardening and all that goes with it. it’s a green-thumbed revolution it seems with urban farms and orchards springing up all over the place, guerilla gardeners having their wonderful way everywhere, huge waiting lists for garden allotments and urban bee-keeping courses and street artists getting in on the act too. i particularly like the work of london based anna garforth,whose work you might have seen around east london of late? – a “urban land artist”, who is spreading the word that the world is a garden and in doing so also questioning our consumer behaviour and attitudes about our environment.

“head gardener”



all images above taken from anna garforth’s website.

if you want to get in on that act of green yourself then get your hands on the truly wonderous flower bombs that are kabloom. designed with the philosophy of “creating eco-friendly products that not only did less harm to the environment but also addressed the issue of our (cultures) control of and separation from nature..” amazingly these seed bombs were designed without any knowledge of the guerilla gardening movement of which now they are truly embedded within. the term “seed grenade” aka the seedbom was first used by liz christy in 1973 when she started the “green guerillas” in the usa – this was the start of the guerilla gardening movement. throw it and grow it!

seedbomwar on terra

if you wanted to take your green-fingers further then you could sign up and start to guerilla garden via the most visited and comprehensive guerilla gardening website in the world – run by the so-called grand-daddy of london’s guerilla gardening scene – richard reynolds. it’s here that people from around the world are using the community enabled through richard’s website to find other guerilla gardeners, leave messages for like-minded locals, share their guerilla gardening activity, signpost people to their own guerilla gardening websites and look for advice, discussion and debate.”fight the filth with forks and flowers.”

btw its international tulip guerilla gardening day on the 9th october – sign up on the facebook page here.

buy richard’s book “on guerilla gardening” here

my friends at fatfoodtaxi, just back in london after their two month food-adventure of the states, have been discovering exciting urban gardeners on their travels here – Innercity miracles in downtown Detroit « fat food taxi. green really is good.

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