lessons in love.

while i’m on the topic of educating ourselves i thought i might make mention of the coco-de-mer erotic salon i went to last night as a birthday treat – again with my design week associates and on a mission to get good knowledge but this time it was all about our bodies and in-fact how to pleasure ourselves better! which of course can only be a good-good thing and a win-win situation for all involved – including those partners and lovers left behind who will of course learn the same new tricks of the trade we became more aware of on this delight night. champagne on arrival and top-ups through the night assisted in our giddy all-girls get-together on getting it oh-so-right. rachel foux our lecturer was smart, sexy and funny and had us all at ease and ready to please ourselves from the outset. salons cost ¬£65 and attendees are entitled to a 20% discount on purchases made on the night. this season’s salons are filling up fast so do yourself a favour and get in quick. just do it.

i first wrote about the wonder retail that is coco-de-mer in its early days as a sensual haven in 2005 for the superfutures site, five years on and it’s just gets better. sam roddick is the force behind this blooming beauty and with anita roddick, founder of the body shop as a mother she has very obviously been blessed with the same how to create incredible retail genes. tactile, sensuous and precious products abound and hours can be spent here relishing all that can “bring you joy, inspiration and a recharge of sexual energy that translates in the infinite enjoyment of one of life’s great gifts.”

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