super natural says it all.

the best design week experience for me this far in has to be the “super natural” exhibition by studio toogood – it is succinct, aware and well it has to be said – super. super natural is dedicated to foraging, collecting and observing in the english countryside – a home-grown emphasis and a love for the country make for very smart and cohesive exhibition design. assemblage is the collection launched here with a focus on three recurring elements – wood, brass and stone. all materials have been sourced in england and products designed alongside english craftsmen including stonemasons, carpenters and metalworkers. interiors stylist faye toogood’s skills give a more than wonderful experiential understanding of the brand and the values behind it – which seems to be what a lot of other brands can’t seem to get right.

the mushroom installation complete with magnifying glasses to better understand the nature of our fungi friends by new forest forager mrs tee at the entrance is outstanding as are the samples of delectable mushroom pate. yum! as you wander through the great garage space you experience a bespoke scent, an olfactory, entitled “woodland” by one of the world’s leading perfumers – francis kurkdjian. but wait there’s more – you can feast on seasonal delights with an emphasis on foraged foods at the brambles cafe a collaboration by la fromagerie and arabeschi di latte.

the sticks, stones and broken bones hardware collection showcased are my favourites from this show – these organic hooks and handles cast from found objects are both beautiful and useful, organic and geometric. faye toogood it seems has super natural powers when it comes to blending interior design, creative direction, styling and branding. power to studio toogood for the best show yet. check it.

location: the garage, north terrace, sw3 2ba

opening hours:10am – 6pm

until: tuesday 28th september

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