food for thought.

tonight at 8.30pm on bbc one, the “great british waste menu” follows four of the nation’s top chefs as they journey deep into the heart of britain’s food waste problem – exploring how and why we throw away and reject enormous quantities of food that’s perfectly good to put into our mouths. unwanted foodstuffs are sourced from every link in the food chain from supermarkets, through markets, farms, gardens and homes and then transformed into mouth-watering delicacies fit for a vip banquet no less. just eat it. click here for more program details.

and now for some astonishing food waste statistics – united kingdom households waste an estimated 6.7 million tonnes of food every year, around one-third of the 21.7 million tonnes purchased. this means that approximately 32% of all food purchased per year is not eaten!! most of this (5.9 million tonnes or 88%) is currently collected by local authorities. most of the food waste (4.1 million tonnes or 61%) is avoidable and could have been eaten had it been better managed (WRAP, 2008; Knight and Davis, 2007). what is your weekly food wastage? consider shopping locally at smaller intervals for less as fresh is best.

more from the united nations food crisis report here.

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