a date at the tate gets “dalam”.

as a very happy member of the tate – no waiting in very annoying queues to buy tickets and the incredibly pleasant 6th floor members bar to revel in whilst sipping a coffee of any sorts, dandelion + burdock or pinot grigio or two whilst overlooking best london views across the thames in sweet peace and quiet, i urge you to join now here for london’s best art and curatorship too.

my tate visit yesterday brought joy because of a voyeuristic and random photographic project by simryn gill. the series entitled “dalam” which in malaysian means interior, inside or deep shows photographs of the domestic interiors gill was invited into after knocking on random doors as she travelled across the malaysian peninsula. in contrast to the randomness of gill’s travels and her selection process, all photographs were taken with a consistent methodology – just one photograph was taken focusing on the common or living area devoid of its inhabitants. always shot from the same height, the photographs were not edited in anyway. this is living.

i photographed my favourite of the said photographs, see below – sorry some are a bit shaky as you will see. my favourite aspects of the photos is both the voyeuristic insight into how people live and then the very basic but graphic patchworks of linoleum on the floor in some of the housing – these give good inspiration for the recycling and new design of the same anywhere in the world. home really is where the art is here.

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