textpress yourself.

i’m not an avid collector of t-shirts but these 5 beauties below have found their way into my mini-collection of late. these sweet nothings or not speak loud and clear – the 70’s classic “do it in the dirt” is in super-fitted rib, “where my peeps at?” just makes me smile, “butter is best” gives wholesome goodness, 80’s “exercise” has connotations of sexercise – love that font! and “lobster” is dreamy in perfect langoustine peach. wear what you want to say. word.

also, how good is that background fabric? – its vintage eley kishimoto. which i was lucky enough to have found in metres at thursday’s spitiafields market a while back. get there to view an aesthetic wonderland with some of the best antiques dealers based in london and beyond.


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