colourlovers unite.

i have just discovered a wonderful website of colour lovers fighting the good fight for the love of colour. on colourlovers you can create and share colours, palettes and patterns, discuss colour trends and explore colourful articles. this community of colour also has their own blog – which i found very interesting, discussion groups, forums, their own software, and links with partners so that you can print your own colour palettes or patterns onto metres and more. my first and very basic attempt below entitled “clignacourt” shows the colour trends i described in the posting of my recent visit there . like i said, very basic but with plans to attack the advanced palette maker today i hope to colour conquer more than 5 colours and proportion within a palette.

whilst perusing their blog just now i discovered explorra, a young company driven “by their passion for travel and software” and colour it seems too. the travel by colour tool enables you to choose a favourite colour and in doing this a destination to match, amazing! colour your world.

Hit Pink

Green Haze

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