the clignacourt markets in paris are a pure assault of the senses, one that i am more than happy to indulge in. you should indulge yourself also. this ancient, 17th century to be precise!!, market of style is in-fact my top tip for paris – just make sure you explore further into the myriad of cobbled lane-ways, there are hidden treasures where you would least expect it. get there by taking the metro to porte clignacourt station. simples. this wonderous overload of aesthetic information through the ages expertly curated into smart and succinct still lifes will have your tongue falling out of your mouth in awe. lunch here is a true spectacle too with most dealers laying a table outside their shop for lunch with crisp white linen, silver cutlery, delectable morsels to eat and wine of course in true french style.( you may have to “excusez moi” more than once to get any attention during this sacred ritual of eating….) rather than spending too much time talking about this incredible catalogue of design, this haven of inspiration and information i will let my photos from the weekend past speak for themselves. go with a fat wallet and/or an empty brain to take it all in.

very evident and relevant trends here include animalia, the body, industrial revolution and faith. all shades of grey and blue shout loudest in the colour spectrum, alabaster gives good support with highlights of two true primary colours red and yellow and green gives natural remedy.

another tip for this trip to clignacourt is lunch at chez louisette – a tres gauche wonderland where edith piaf’s memory is well and truly alive! find this wonderland deep within the marches auz puces de st-ouen.

a few of my favourite dealers/ shops:

tombes du camion – marche vernaison – allee 5 – stand 92.

pierre bazalgues – marche paul bert – allee 4 – stand 211.

philippe pellerin – marche vernaison – allee 1 – stands 18/20.

herve goasguen – marche paul bert – allee 1 – stand 39.

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