daviddavid does it for me.

daviddavid is a brand i have been watching and relishing since the labels inception in  2004, the colour combinations are top shelf. his strong, happy and well-considered geometric prints speak loudly attracting best international retailers and foxy fashionistas such as M.I.A and Santogold. a darling of the press and a darling himself, he was one of my favourite customers from my BEYOND RETRO days as manager there. david saunders makes clothes that stimulate graphically and now it seems he has his hands on home-wares too. i recently purchased an intoxicating print of his, inspired by african textiles and beading adorning a cushion at the just as smart – DARKROOM for their “Into Africa” Exhibition…..and also found  these wonderful umbrellas of his…perfect for our now summer showers. 


some of my favourite looks from collections now and past…

Alice Dellal David David collection

you can buy SS10 tees online here. these cult status tees have just a touch of the ken done about them whilst remaining true to david’s own style. my favourite item however are the one-piece swimsuits, smart and sophisticated swim for sure. david’s sharp eye for print and perfect combinations of colours in both the fashion and interiors leagues are what set him apart now and in the future. i look forward to the next installment with glee.

daviddavid does BDC blog questions.

top 5 favourite things.

Cheeseburgers, Andy Warhol, advanced science, movies, the women in my life.

  was there anyone that inspired you from the beginning? who inspires you on the art/ design/fashion front now?

 Not really.

tell a little about your background – study/travel/work adventures. how is it that you became so interested/ involved with print/fashion/home-wares?

It was a very organic path, I studied painting at Chelsea college; worked for lots of british artists; hung out with fashion people……izzy blow etc; struggled with trying to enjoy geometric art and wondered if I’d appreciate it more on a garment…… made something up for myself, everyone loved it and so I made more and sold them, that’s how it kicked off!

what are you currently collecting?

 I like to put hang things on my walls, I guess I like a gallery/museum feel in my home, but im not too fussy as long as I like it so I’ve got anything from cheap plastic toys to broken down dusty old paintings and dead flowers on my walls. So I guess I collect nothing but everything.

 what would be your ideal collaboration /project?

NASA, I wouldn’t mind doing an all over print space rocket! Or the interiors for a space station.

what was your last purchase for yourself?

 An antique Pinocchio puppet, it was 10 pounds from an antique store in my sisters village, I think it was priced wrongly because the store owners jaw dropped when he  saw the price, he gave it to me anyway, bargain!

 current favourite colour or colour combination?

 Its turquoise and purple most of the time. I love gold and purple actually, like old fancy china plates. Of course I like bright red and bright green together, it’s always a dazzler!

do you have a beauty routine? what is it?

 I brush my teeth three times a day! IM A BOY I might start moisturising one day.

 favourite thing to cook?

Duck, Moroccan stew, and kedgeree.

 who are you listening to at the moment?

Santogold, Flying Lotus, Clint Mansell, Arthur Russell.

whats most important to you?

 Taking it easy while getting things done.

 favourite destination ( country or city) and why?

 The pub, I always love the first sip of an ice-cold beer, that way my favourite place is always on the corner of every road so I’m never far away. I’m easily pleased.

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