a juicy kind of colour.

in collating new objects, accessories and garments for my monthly trade in june i have been drawn in by the colour orange specifically. orange is essentially associated with joy and energy and is possibly a subliminal reaction to the summer sun we have been experiencing of late, about time i say.

orange is warm, cheerful and has a freeing action on the body and mind, relieving repressions. it stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm and helps to assimilate new ideas, shows new possibilities and other options in life. orange represents bliss and is also a strong healing colour and without getting too personal, this is exactly what i need in my life right now. interesting these colour choices we make……

Amaryllis indoor flower plantOrange Blossoms, Citrus mitis (Calamondin),a dwarf orange grown for fragrant flowers and attractive orange fruit (2003-598032 © Charles Marden Fitch)

juicy, sweet-tasting and vibrant –  orange reeks of charm, encouragement, stimulation, optimism, abundance, celebration and energy. i want more….. warm, sociable and dynamic. orange is a great color for removing negativity and for releasing old emotions – bring it on.

orange panton

and one for the road….


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