timbars – best handlebars bar none.

i love to ride my bicycle, i love to ride my bike. bikes – they’re everywhere. it’s a community, a free spirit, a way of life. with bikes come handlebars,  and timbars are the best, simplest + sexiest i have seen yet. designed and made in melbourne by kyran starcevich of the mariachi design collective – see more below, specifically for the fixed gear revolution taking place worldwide. facebook page here. available to buy here. these bars are really, really good-looking, with the added bonus of custom design if you wish. businesses offering bespoke are best and will do well in securing not only the luxury market but also attract those of us who will spend not as freely and save for the special and the individual in their cycle of life.

the melbourne based mariachi design collective is ravi avasti, justin vecchio, michael thornton, lee gratton and kyran starcevich. the group was established as a playground for collaborative furniture design. love their use of the word playground. “the dynamic, free style of mariachi music and musicians offers an attractive blueprint to an environment in which designers from different backgrounds can come together and experiment with different forms and techniques.” go melbourne, go melbourne!



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