shoboshobo is king.

every now and then i come across something soooo damn good that i want to keep it a secret, just for a little bit. to roll around in the knowledge that i have discovered such delight and wonder. shoboshobo is such a secret. the fact is that his genius is far from a secret, with collaborations for H + M, exhibitions everywhere and a following the world over. it’s easy to see why. smile.

 my shoboshobo secret which has now become an obsession was initially instigated by his collaboration with the truly wonderful and inspiring third drawer down. it was the moment when admiring my shoboshobo “forces of dreams and nightmares” 4 third drawer down pillowcases, for the 10th time that day mind you, that i thought i must investigate this shoboshobo person further. shoboshobo is parisian based artist and electronic musician medhi hercberg. his work is happiness.

said pillowcases by third drawer down. (TDD post coming soon.) these were sold at our popupshop in december of 2008. it’s a dream sleeping on these guys. i was going to post a picture of my bed modelling such beauty but it’s in all it’s unmade glory currently so will post a pic at later date.

shoboshobo sweatshirts that make me weep with joy. this is just a small selection of whats available + t-shirts too. available to order here.

shoboshobo is a man of many talents. alongside his illustration work he also produces a limited edition zine – decapitron, issue 23 out now and delves into electronic music – the talent on the “chottodongdong” song is so far-reaching that it has encouraged a friend to enter into a “worm period”.

decapitron issues…

you can buy a shoboshobo limited edition print of 25 at concrete hermit here.

to see ALL that genius mehdi hercberg does visit his website here. joy to the world, shoboshobo is king.

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