everything and more.

the most enjoyable, enthralling, in fact – everything exhibtion experience for me so far this year was the exhibition # 1 at the musuem of everything.  this art on the edge of society is joyful, refreshing and positive. curated same by film-maker, property developer + collector extraordinaire james brett. there’s also a bevy of contributors to blow you away.

keen for the next installment as soon as i was walking out the front door and delighted now to know that exhibition # 2 is coming very soon. very good news indeed. and it’s possible to be a part of this rare art by contributing works if you’re “a marginal or self-taught artist? Do people call your work strange, amateurish, obsessive, even ugly? Have you received a calling to depict new worlds? Or inherited a book of hand-drawn doodlings? Or are you simply an artist with a disability, whose creativity has yet to be discovered?”

if you are then get your art and ass to the tate modern from this friday 14th – , 15th, 16th. art will be assessed by the board of trustees and if successful, will be displayed in the turbine hall and published in a book of the exhibition.

see this brut style at home and for yourself in the pictures of james brett’s enlightening home in the wonderful world of interiors, april 2010.

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