natural beauty + high fashion go hand in hand here.

“natural fashion – tribal decoration from africa” has been tickling my fancy since its first publication in 2008. one of my favourite and most inspiring books and forever more i’m sure… photographer, hans silvester became fascinated with the beauty of the surma and mursi tribes in east africa, who both share a passion for natural decorations and body painting. the 150 + images show the children, women and men of these tribes celebrating and showing independence through their natural decoration with whats available to them – fungi, flowers, feathers, berries, butterfly wings, leaves, gourds and grasses. further enhancement comes through body and face painting with pigments made from powdered stone, plants, berries and mud. incredible images that show how everyone everywhere wants to show their true original selves to their world. makes me want to go bush, get naked and get back to nature. free love indeed.

all images here taken with my trusty canon g10 from the book itself, laid in my lap. all original images by hans silvester.

it seems that two of my favourite designers were also inspired by hans silvester’s images. images from the eastern pearson SS 08/09 show natural decoration and high-end fashion go hand in hand. i was fortunate enough to work with eastern pearson when i was working as a fashion buyer for the wonderful husk stores in melbourne ( 2001-2004). their brilliant and original vision, their working relationships with craftspeople worldwide and their philosophy deserve a post of their own….but for now enjoy the imagery. this first outfit – check that kaftan!!! with associated accessories and natural decoration makes me weep with joy. in a league of their own. x

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  • Thanks for posting these incredible shots by Hans Silvester. I’m buying this book for my aunt from Amazon as I type!

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