going gaga over nicola formichetti.

nicola formichetti’s work speaks for itself – fierce, generous, completely original, strangely beautiful, naturalistic and with a great understanding of tribes and popular culture. nicola was born in japan to an italian father and japanese mother, and credits his unique style as been a result of his upbringing: ” internationally eclectic; modern and traditional; eastern and european.” nicola’s style is forever style, never flash in the pan.

when he’s not being the very  busy man he must be as the fashion director of vogue hommes japan, a creative director at dazed & confused and a contributing fashion editor at v, vman, another and another man he will be most probably be styling lady gaga. yes gaga. its nicola we have to thank for the super style of lady gaga of late, phenomenal. the styling in telephone is second to none.

nicola has created almost every one of my favourite images from editorial over the last 2 years, for me he is a true creative original and a huge inspiration. for more of his wonderous work and contact details –  visit his website.

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