trust fun scarves win on name and nature.


trust fun scarves are inspired by nature, science and the apocalypse, a tropical orgy of colour and pattern sure to make you smile. initially it was the name – “trust fun” and it’s play on words that got me curious about the brand…..but in the flesh they’re better – bold, cosmic, vibrant. each scarf is a mathematically valid fractal,  timothy leary would surely approve, created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, “bringing the skill and technique of handcraft into the digital age.” this process means each scarf is a truly unique equation creation. rare beauty.

spectacular and supernatural these digital wonders can be found in some of the worlds best department stores and boutiques, see the trust fun website for where to discover these wonderful two fingers up to minimalism and moody. 

wear any which way you want.

photographs by lyn and tony.

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