look no further, i have found the best accessory ever.


shopping in nyc is never dull and the opening ceremony store is no exception. walking out of opening ceremony with the best accessory ever within my grasp and a huge smile on my face for having spent only $60 usd on the pure joy that is my foundmyanimal leash seems almost criminal but yes, extremely pleasant.

here i am looking very happy with myself in my FOUND leash.

found my animal or FOUND, is a line of handmade and vegan accessories for “adopted animals and their people.” based in new york city, FOUND has a mission to raise public awareness for the urgent need for animal adoption. 25%  of all profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/ neutering  and providing homes for animals that have not yet “found” their people. the product line includes collars, harnesses and the wearable for humans too – rope leashes.

the leashes are handmade by professional new england rope makers, each rope is unique, being hand-spliced then whipped for additional durability and strength, the adjustable solid brass o-rings and clips are made from marine grade cast italian hardware and allow you to use the leash in a number of ways – as a simple hand-held leash, around your waist for hands free action and across your body for assymetrical walkies – my personal favourite!  i have to mention that the leashes are very sexy objects –  tactile, natural, strong and restraining. find me a brooch that makes me feel like this!

to find out more about these wonderful leashes and where to buy them. click here.

obviously, there is a dog missing from the end of my leash…..now i am coming over all 12 years old with some pics of the sweetest sausage dogs around. sweetness and light is the sausage.

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