tapestry taxidermy gets it oh so right.

i have never enjoyed taxidermy in its raw + gory natural state sitting above a fireplace or in every other groovy shop (not) the world over. yes over. enough already. however, the discovery of frederique morrel’s wonderful “ghosts” and “visitors” have prompted a new interest in this age-old trade – its her sense of humour, the recycled element or decycling, put into a new life-cycle as frederique suggests and the pop art element that i’m enjoying. please visit her website to fully enjoy her personality and style, even if it’s just for the regal and in your face self portraits displayed there. wonderful and refreshing in a truly original way.

heres a quick insight into how the ghosts and visitors are “re-made”: vintage tapestries are hunted and gathered by family and friends to fit fiberglass taxidermy molds that have been injected with expanding foam. realistic details such as teeth, tongue, hoofs and ears are finished with resin or latex and then airbrushed. real antlers are fixed to the head and then the entire mold is covered with the vintage  tapestries, often in themes including art, cartoon, religion, dance, nudes and many more.

it was frederique morrel’s distress at the loss of her grandmother’s needlework when she passed away that prompted an obsession to collect, covet and create with the discarded vintage needlework she  and her “horny” husband discover, its aaron who hunts down the antlers to fit the ghosts. these “artefacts” frederique  creates are designed to re-enchant the world, using  special ingredients: materials that tell stories of simple and ideal happiness. these enchanting, handmade, de-cycled heirlooms are taking taxidermy to a new high right above that fireplace, or in any home-space for that matter. smile.

to find frederique’s wonderous works visit her website http://www.frederiquemorrel.com/main.html

photography: philippe cluzeau

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