trend forecasting is the future.

after weeks of waiting in anticipation to see the exhibition, archeology of the future – 20 years of trend forecasting with li edelkoort, i had finally arrived in trend forecasting heaven.  I thought a great place to start this blog would be with one of my hero’s – in fact li edelkoort, alongside faith popcorn, was  the reason I first became fascinated with trend forecasting.

the archeology of the future exhibition at designhuis in eindhoven  tracks edelkoort’s last 20 years of trends  – and is the first ever of its kind.  li edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters – her holistic approach to trend forecasting combines economic reality, political change, social evolution + technological advances. decrypting the links between art, fashion, design and consumer culture, edelkoort studies and advances the concepts, colours + fabrications that will be important in the future.

the design of the space itself is world class + truly inspiring as is her non-for-profit humanitarian organisation – heartwear that supports the continuation of artisanal craft and sustainable production.  li founded trend  union in 1986 and compiled her much sought after trend books and consulted for the world’s leading brands from her headquarters in paris, watch out for these titles specifically – view on colour and bloom being my favourite. as chairwoman of the design academy eindhoven from 1999-2008 she became an ambassador for dutch design and design education,  li established designhuis in 2007. 

the trends presented in the multifaceted exhibition are a selection of the key lifestyle movements of the last 20 years including  no age 2000, teddy bear 1987, body 1989, soul 1989, fauna 1990, flora 1989, urban 1988, rural 1993, eating 1992, abstraction 1995, narration 1996, amour 1988, armour 1998, alchemy 1990, the dress 1989, shocking 1994, tribal 1991, global 1989 + local 1990. long live li edelkoort!

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padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 497padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 473padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 341padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 540padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 457

padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 307padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 256padstow, eindhoven + amsterdam 264

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  • fantastic to see photos of the exhibition, as i couldnt make it myself! damn – it looks fantastic. keep up the design blogging. x

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